Carton can be configured via a file or environment variables (or a mix of both).

Configuration variables are resolved in the following order:

  1. Environment variable
  2. Value in the configuration file
  3. Default value

The location of the configuration file defaults to ~/.carton/config.toml and can be overridden with the CARTON_CONFIG_PATH environment variable.

The table below shows configuration options and their default values:

env varconfig file keydefault valuedescription
CARTON_RUNNER_DIRrunner_dir~/.carton/runners/The directory where runners are stored on disk
CARTON_RUNNER_DATA_DIRrunner_data_dir~/.carton/runner_data/Runners can store caches or local data in {runner_data_dir}/{runner_name}
CARTON_CACHE_DIRcache_dir~/.carton/cache/A directory where carton can cache downloads